Discografie Arthur Alexander

Ondanks zijn korte, gebroken en weinig succesvolle carriere is Arthur Alexander er in geslaagd een respectabel aantal singles en albums uit te brengen, met dank aan de diverse platenmaatschappijen.
Hij heeft met zijn muzikale nalatenschap een unieke plaats ingenomen in de ontwikkeling van de pop-muziek.


1960: Sally Sue Brown/The Girl That Radiates That Charm – Judd
1961: You Better Move On/A Shot of Rhythm and Blues – Dot
1962: Soldier of Love/Where Have You Been All My Life – Dot
1962: Anna/I Hang My Head And Cry – Dot

1962: Go Home Girl/You’re the Reason – Dot
1963: Dream Girl/I Wonder Where You Are Tonight – Tina Knittel
1963: Baby, Baby/Pretty Girls Everywhere – Dot
1963: Where Did Sally Go/Keep Her Guessing – Dot
1964: Black Knight/Old John Amos – Dot
1965: Detroit City/You Don’t Care – Dot
1966: Baby For You/The Other Woman – Sound Stage
1966: Show Me The Road/Turn Around – Sound Stage
1968: Love’s Where Life Begins/Set Me Free – Sound Stage

1968: I Need You Baby/Spanish Harlem – Monument
1968: Bye Bye Love/Another Time, Another Place – Sound Stage
1969: Cry Like A Baby/Glory Road – Sound Stage
1972: I’m Coming Home/It Hurts To Want It So Bad – Warner Brothers
1972: Burning Love/It Hurts To Want It So Bad – Warner Brothers
1972: Mr John/You’ve Got Me Knockin’ – Garry Fink
1973: Lover Please/They’ll Do It Every Time – Warner Brothers
1975: Every Day I Have To Cry Some/Everybody Needs Someone To Love – Buddah
1976: Sharing The Night Together/She’ll Throw Stones At You – Buddah
1977: Hound Dog Man’s Gone Home/So Long Baby – Music Mill


1963: Alexander The Great – London
1963: Arthur Alexander – London


1962: You Better Move On – Dot
1970: Arthur Alexander – Warner Brothers
1993: Lonely Just Like Me – Elektra

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